Specialists in Indirect Sourcing,Technical Materials

& MRO Category Management

At OptiSource Solutions LLC, we don’t want to be the ‘jack of all trades - master of none’. We focus on what we know and what we do best – the intersection of Procurement and Technical Materials/MRO.  If you simply want someone to help you source raw materials or packaging, we’re not the people you should contact. However, if you want to source and/or manage your Indirect spend, you have come to the right place – particularly if you are ready to gain control of your Technical Materials & MRO spend.


Our staff specializes in these difficult categories. They have ‘lived’ in the factory environment, and understand the challenges and opportunities associated with this often-overlooked area. Our associates have experience not only in Procurement but also in Operations, Engineering and General Management. We understand the unique needs of manufacturing and distribution facilities. You’ll find that with OptiSource Solutions LLC, you’re not dealing with inexperienced consultants that simply follows a recipe-like process, but someone who understands the market dynamics – and the operational impact – of MRO & Technical Materials in particular and Indirect Materials and Services in general.



OptiSource™ Indirect Sourcing


  1. As experts in Indirect Sourcing, with a special focus on Technical Materials and MRO, OptiSource Solutions LLC stands ready to assist you with your Sourcing activities. In conjunction with our free OptiSource™ Benchmarking Services offering, we can help your business identify appropriate spend categories to source, while helping to identify the savings opportunity associated with each category.


OptiSource™ Category Management


  1. In addition to our Sourcing expertise, we also offer ongoing OptiSource™ Category Management Services, allowing our clients to maximize value while sharing the costs of Category Management across OptiSource Solutions clients. While we manage specific categories, your people are freed up to concentrate on your organization’s core competencies (such as the direct materials that go into your products). It costs you less to have OptiSource Solutions LLC manage a category on your behalf – but you get a Category Manager who has the time to be a Subject Matter Expert – and who works on your behalf.



OptiSource™ MRO & Technical Materials Specialists


  1. While we are comfortable working in the general Management and Procurement arenas, we feel most at home with Indirect Materials, and really shine in the Technical Materials and MRO space. We’re as comfortable in the Storeroom as we are in the Boardroom and enjoy spending time in both environments. When your people talk to us about their favorite supplier or category, we’ll actually know what they are talking about.



OptiSource™ Benchmarking Services


  1. Unlike generic benchmarking services, we don’t simply take a broad category and call it “MRO”. Our staff commands an impressive level of expertise in Maintenance, Repair & Operations Procurement as well as Operations, Engineering and General Management. When you talk to us about a category, we’ll understand what you are talking about.  We understand the unique needs of manufacturing and distribution facilities such as which items are easily substitutable and which are not.



OptiSource™ Data Standardization


  1. OptiSource Solutions LLC personnel have experience developing and implementing common nomenclature, common parts numbering programs and actionable spend categorization. We are familiar with the latest tools and work with key service providers in this space. We can develop and manage a data standardization approach that will allow for your business to have visibility to all of its technical stores across all facilities -- a virtual shared storeroom. At the same time, having visibility to items from a functionality standpoint will allow for better sourcing, and for the elimination of duplicate items currently in your system.



OptiSource™ Technical Inventory Optimization


  1. You probably already know that you are stocking items that are either obsolete or no longer of value to your organization, but do you know where and what those items are?  OptiSource Solutions LLC can develop and implement a program to identify not only obsolete items, but duplicate items (or functional equivalents) that you currently have both within and across locations.


  1. Using the latest techniques and tools, we can identify optimal stocking levels and reorder quantities, even for items with infrequent and irregular usage as well as right-size inventories of faster-moving items. Overall, you can expect lower inventory management costs, less loss of value through obsolescence and an overall reduction in working capital. Through this process, we can help eliminate unnecessary spend as inventories are right-sized and items are redeployed across your business or otherwise resold or disposed of.


  1. Our staff has successfully implemented technical inventory optimization programs across businesses with varied data management systems, accounting systems and maintenance approaches. We can design a program that works in your current environment, while taking into account upcoming systemic or operational changes.

OptiSource™ Spend Analytics

  1. We have developed the tools and processes to analyze MRO spend by actionable categories (regardless of current categorization), measure your performance and identify areas of opportunity. Among other factors, we consider supplier consolidation, category management effectiveness, compliance to agreements, pricing consistency, manufacturer consolidation and standardization opportunities. We also identify and measure strategic alignment opportunities which bridge multiple technical spend categories

  2. This service goes beyond a simple numerical analysis - but takes into account our specialized category and supplier knowledge, benchmarking information, etc., in orderto help your organization develop a significant competitive advantage in the area of technical & indirect spend.


OptiSource™ Procurement Advisory Services


  1. As organizations develop and grow, they often find that their Procurement organization (if one exists) has not kept pace with the size and scope of their business. Alternatively, businesses often find themselves in need of a specialist but cannot justify the full-time or long-term employment of such an individual.


  1. OptiSource Solutions LLC can provide short-term, contract or part-time resources to fill a gap in your Procurement staffing requirements, and can provide specialists that have the right experience and background for your specific Indirect, MRO or Technical Materials requirement, whether that be a more hands-on role or a part-time leadership role.


  1. We can also provide strategic direction to your Indirect Procurement organization, either with a focus on specific categories or with an eye towards the overall development of your Procurement team.  We have provided services ranging from training programs to development of category strategies, to the overall design of a Procurement organization and are able to completely outsource your indirect procurement activities should that be required. Since for many (service and non-manufacturing) organizations, the bulk of their procurement activities are “indirect”, that can result in our taking full responsibility for your procurement activities.




OptiSource™ Organizational & Management Consulting


  1. Our clients sometimes wonder if we can take the same magic we apply to MRO, Category Management, and Benchmarking Services and apply that to the People-Development side of the business.  We can.  Our team is comprised of professionals with management acumen and leadership savvy that rivals that of some of the larger management consulting firms in the country.  Our consultants include individuals who have been mentored by the likes of Stephen R. Covey and Peter F. Drucker, are Harvard-trained professional negotiators, or have held senior leadership positions at Fortune 100 organizations.  With skills in Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis, and Instructional Design, our Management Consulting team is as adept at delivering seminars, workshops, or keynote speeches as they are in offering facilitation, coaching, or general consulting services in areas as diverse as customer service, sales, marketing (including internet marketing), strategy, negotiation, management, leadership, business acumen, and many other fields.  In addition, when a major Training & Development intervention is undertaken, we provide the necessary measurement instruments to validate the impact of the initiative, and to verify that objectives were met to the satisfaction of our clients.  



At OptiSource Solutions LLC, we bring a broad experience to a focused area of expertise. This allows us to excel at Indirect Sourcing and Category Management and to bring ancillary services to bear on an area of spend that has not traditionally been well-managed. Let us evaluate opportunities for your organization. We are confident that between what you already know about your organization and what we can deliver in terms of expertise and experience – you will find OptiSource Solutions LLC to be a partner that can drive tremendous value to your organization. We look forward to exploring opportunities with you.


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