Our Capabilities

Strategic Consulting

As organizations face an ever-changing marketplace, driven by continuous innovation and optimization, it is imperative that our clients do not miss an opportunity. Our team’s objective is to ensure that our clients’ organizational goals are achieved through the development and implementation of dynamic strategies, designed to evolve along with business needs. Throughout the process, we work with each client to ensure that there are no disruptions to business and that the organization remains not only competitive but is able to develop a competitive advantage. We assist our clients in achieving through integration across all levels of the organization and ensuring a clear and aligned vision drives business improvements.

Strategic consultants work closely with businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other entities to provide expert advice and guidance in various aspects of strategic management.

Operations Improvement

Over the past several years, organizations have faced unprecedented changes. Remaining competitive will require changes that are not only able to be implemented in the short-term but that are also sustainable over time and adaptable to changing market conditions. Our team focuses on supporting our clients by translating a strategic plan or business strategy into concrete actions and activities at every level of the organization. This often involves our team working with the client to identify the required changes and identifying and addressing barriers to those action. We also work to improve capabilities and set expectations for success while supporting robust cost and productivity initiatives. Our team’s expertise in not only designing but implementing operations improvement ensures that the organization’s goals are integrated effectively and efficiently into the client’s culture while working hand-in-glove with client leadership to unlock increased performance.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization has never been more important than at the present time, as continued risk of supply chain interruptions threatens to adversely impact organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. Our team’s experience in developing robust procurement solutions and diversifying supply chains for our clients has been effective in ensuring supply and driving cost reductions. We not only lead strategic sourcing initiatives, but we also provide tools and training for our clients’ personnel — giving them the ability to reduce business costs through data-driven decision-making — while connecting various areas of the business through Supply Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP). Our objective is to provide our customers with a dynamic, well-optimized supply chain that can adapt to changing market conditions, enhance the organization’s competitiveness, and improve customer satisfaction.

Construction Management

Our team’s extensive experience in Construction Management allows us to support clients through all aspects of a project, from inception to completion. In the ever-changing marketplace, there is a constant need to adapt and adjust, which is why we develop client-specific project execution plans that ensure the client receives the best value proposition. Throughout the site selection, design and build processes, our methods ensure transparency at all levels, ensuring the project is completed on time, remains within budget, and is delivered to the required quality and safety standards our clients expect.

Project Management

We provide our clients with a range of project management services, often integrating a member of our team into the client’s organization to lead a team focused on the desired improvement. Our project management methods focus on ensuring the completion of necessary tasks to achieve specific goals and objectives for the organization. It also ensures that we provide continuous transparency and communication while not interrupting day-to-day business. Our team member(s) work with the client team in ensuring there is structured approach to completing projects efficiently and effectively, on time, within scope, and within budget. We support our clients in all different fields of project management, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and more, to successfully deliver projects of all sizes and complexities.

Organizational Development

Our Organizational Development (OD) team is focused on improving and enhancing organizations’ effectiveness, performance, and overall health. Our methods involve planned and systematic efforts to bring about positive and lasting changes in our clients’ organizational structure, culture, processes, and strategies, with synergies throughout all levels of their organization. Our goal is to enable organizations to better adapt to changes, meet their goals, and thrive in a dynamic and competitive environment, while continuously maintaining alignment to core business goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizations are continuously searching for opportunities to advance in the marketplace. Consolidating two or more entities can provide the potential to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and grow market share. We work with our clients to identify target sectors or companies that would provide enhanced capabilities and then work together to identify specific opportunities to provide the maximum value to the short-term and long-term strategy of the organization. Our team supports our clients through all phases of an M&A transaction by providing assessments of organizations, conducting due diligence and financial analysis, supporting clients during negotiations, and driving the integration of the organizations once agreement is reached.

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